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Evento: '11th International Conference “New Challenges New Methodologies”'

Call for Papers
Divulgação de "Call for Papers".
Data: Friday, April 15, 2011 At 08:00
Duração: Todo dia
Contato - Info:

International Society for Intercommunication of New Ideas


11th International Conference “New Challenges New Methodologies”


The 11th International Conference of ISINI will be held in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, from 17-20 August, 2011 at Universidad de Sonora’s Campus.

ISINI was founded in 1988 to promote relevant research on problems of today and is composed of scholars from over 60 countries, and from different disciplines. The objective of the conference is to bring together scholars from all over the world to focus on timely issues. Previous conferences were held in Paris, France; Athens, Greece; Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.; Maastricht, Wageningen, The Netherlands; Mexico City, Mexico; Miami, Florida, U.S.A.; Lille, France; Bacau, Rumania.


Methodology of economics and other sciences, and in particular the relationship between history (facts, practice), theory (concepts, analysis), science and technology (role, problems) and ethics (collective habits, social norms, policies, e.g. developments in new institutional economics, law and economics), and religion.

New theories and paradigms
New views on past theories and paradigms and the applications of new and past theories and paradigms to current and expected world problems, e.g. environment, poverty, health, war, (im)migration, etc. Quinta methodica (Rugina), the concept of State Sciences, complexity and transdisciplinarity.

Transition economics
Recent economic experiences and policies in transition economies in Central and East-European countries and other parts of the world.

International co-operation and problems
Problems related to the European Union (e.g. enlargement, constitutional problems), (world) federalism, NAFTA, IMF, WTO, and UN. Dollarisation vs. euroisation. Single world currency. EVA & MVA. International capital flows. International markets and assets. Country mutual funds. International and global financial institutions. International trade. International monetary issues. Regional financial issues and linkages. Exchange rate issues. Currency crises. Capital markets integration and interest rates. Multinational financial management

Financial markets and institutions. e-Finance, e-banking, e-Investing. Financial engineering & derivatives. Emerging markets. International capital flows. Country and political risk. Foreign direct and portfolio investment. Corporate governance. Policy and strategy. Credit risk (management). Monetary policy and investment theory. Financial liberalisation and innovation. Sovereign debt issues. Financial cycles and crashes. Financial forecast. Financial history. Financial modeling. Financial accounting, regulations and taxation. Ethics, social responsibility and finance. Applied financial econometrics. Prospective and event studies. Asset pricing and allocation. Valuation and pricing. Securities pricing. Fixed income securities and markets. Arbitrage issues. Interests rates theory and evidence. Capital structure. Entrepreneurship and venture capital. Mergers, acquisitions, and venture capital. Working capital and treasury management. Privatization issues. Comparative financial systems. Financial crises.

Development issues
International issues related to both developed and developing economies (e.g. with regard to the monetary and financial systems, environment, demographic developments, international conflicts, health problems), globalization. Global financial crises and contagion effects. Economic and financial globalization. Sustainable development. Global risk, insurance, and reinsurance.

Non-mainstream economics
Social market economy (Ordnungspolitik),Austrian economics, Islamic economics, (e.g. interest-free banking), Christian economics, Economics of Marx and Marxian economics.

Applied operations research
Banking, corporate finance, education, government, health, hedge funds, quality management, stocks and insurance markets.

Health and society
Food, nutrition, and health; aging of the population in western countries; health care costs, benefits from health care, ethical issues (e.g. with respect to genomics), sports, drug consumption, violence and crime.

Knowledge society
Information economics, innovation system, regional innovation, competitive advantage of knowledge, knowledge networks. University-enterprise relationships. Knowledge economy and universities in both developed and under developed countries.

Teaching paradigms, new technologies, online education, and evaluation and monitoring.

Cultural Studies
Identity, regimes, communication, arts, ideology, social class, nationality, ethnicity, sexuality, and/or gender.

Global warming (Kyoto Agreement), depletion of natural resources, energy conservation, protection of natural areas and landscapes, congestion. Water management, water scarcity and renewable energy sources.

Dynamic of markets and society, financial markets behavior, entropy, complex systems.


Full paper submission
• To submit both abstract and full paper please open an account at: https://www.easychair.org
• Please submit abstract before 15 April, 2011.
• Electronic submissions in word format are strongly encouraged.
• If you submit an abstract only, your paper will not be published in the proceedings.
• Please submit completed papers to Professor Francisco Vargas at: https://www.easychair.org
• before 31 May, 2011.
• To track a submission please go to http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=isini2011
• For further information please contact: isini11@hmo.uson.mx
• The full paper should not exceed thirteen pages of single space.
• Each page must be numbered. Fonts must be 10 point.
• Submissions should include a separate title page: title of the paper, university affiliation of authors, e-mail addresses of all authors.
• Indicate the presenting author with (*)
• Submissions should include maximum of five keywords.

Accepted papers will be included in the conference refereed proceedings.

For guidelines on font, format and size please refer to the paper styleguide on the conference web site:

• Proposals for special sessions are welcome. Please submit your proposals to Professor Francisco Vargas Serrano at isini11@hmo.uson.mx before 15 April, 2011.
• The outcome of the submitted papers as well as the proposals for special sessions will be notified within 2 weeks of the deadline.

* The registration fee is US$ 350.00 and includes: Tea and coffee breaks, welcome reception, two lunches, two dinners, and
the conference kit.
* The fee for spouses/guests is US$ 150.00.
* The deadline for payment of registration fees is 1 June, 2011.
* On site registration is US$ 400.00.

The fees can be paid by bank cheque or by credit card to the organising committee.
(Registration form is available at: http://www.isini2011.uson.mx/doc/ISINI2011RegistrationForm.pdf)


Participants are responsible for booking their hotel accommodation.

Information on hotels is available at:
Fiesta Americana:

* For reservations phone: 01 800 504 8850
* Ask the hotel for Universidad de Sonora´s discount. (Agreement Code: CUS01137).
* When booking through the internet, first insert the code discount.
* The distance from the airport to the hotel is 5.5 miles.
* There is a taxi service from the airport to the hotel.
* A map of the hotels can be downloaded on: Hotels
* Distance from the hotel to the conference venue is 2.4 miles
* A map of the town can be downloaded on: Hermosillo

The official language is English.

Prof. Dr. Antonina Ivanova Boncheva, CV, aivanova@uabcs.mx
Prof. Dr. Ali Emrouznejad, A.Emrouznejad@aston.ac.uk
Prof. Dr. Liviu Drugus, liviu.drugus@ugb.ro. www.liviudrugus.ro
Prof. Dr. Cheng Gang, maxdea@qq.com
Prof. Dr. Don (Tissa) U.A. Galagedera, Tissa.Galagedera@buseco.monash.edu.au
Prof. Dr. Gerrit Meijer, g.meijer@hetnet.nl
Prof. Dr. Basarab Nicolescu, CV, basarab.nicolescu.perso.sfr.fr
Prof. Dr. Johan van Ophem, Johan.vanOphem@wur.nl
Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Osman, ibrahim.osman@aub.edu.lb
Prof. Dr. Joaquín Solana Gutiérrez, joaquin.solana@upm.es
Prof. Dr. Panagiotis Zervopoulos, panagiotis.zervopoulos@panteion.gr
Prof. Dr. Carmen Bocanegra Gastélum, cboca@pitic.uson.mx
Prof. Dr. Ramona Flores Varela, mony@pitic.uson.mx
Prof. Dr. Guadalupe García de León P., ggarcia@guaymas.uson.mx
Prof. Dr. Rodolfo Basurto Álvarez, rbasurto@pitic.uson.mx
Prof. Dr. Oscar Alfredo Erquizio Espinal, oerquiz@guaymas.uson.mx
Prof. Dr. Jesús Galindo Caceres, arewara@yahoo.com
Prof. Dr. Jorge A. González Sánchez, tzolkin2k@yahoo.com
Prof. Dr. Aarón Aurelio Grageda Bustamante, pics@sociales.uson.mx
Prof. Dr. Roberto Jiménez Ornelas, rj@uson.mx
Prof. Dr. Roberto Ramírez Rodríguez, robecar2@rtn.uson.mx
Prof. Dr. Miguel Ángel Vázquez Ruiz, mvazquez@pitic.uson.mx

Professor Francisco Vargas Serrano.
President of ISINI 2009 - 2011.
Head of Organizing Committee, ISINI 2011.
Universidad de Sonora.
Mexico. C.P. 83076.
Cell phone: 6622561719
Faxes: 662592167 and 6622592166
Email: isini11@hmo.uson.mx

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