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Evento: 'X International Conference on Approximation ans Optimization in the Caribbean - XAPPOPT'

Call for Papers
Divulgação de "Call for Papers".
Data: Thursday, December 30, 2010 At 08:00
Duração: Todo dia
Contato - Info:

X International Conference on Approximation ans Optimization in the Caribbean - XAPPOPT

Costa del Sol, El Salvador, March 6-11, 2011

The X International Conference on Approximation and Optimization in the Caribbean will take place at Bahia del Sol hotel in Costa del Sol, El Salvador, between March 6 and 11, 2011. The conference will focus on the interplay between Approximation Theory and Continuous Optimization, with emphasis on the following subjects:
· Approximation: wavelets, polynomial and rational approximations, splines, orthogonal polynomials, interpolation, asymptotic analysis, radial basis functions.
· Optimization: nonlinear equations and inequalities, continuous optimization, nonsmooth analysis, variational inequalities, equilibrium theory, vector optimization, stochastic optimization, critical point theory.
· Applications: financial markets, cooperative and non-cooperative games, engineering and energy modeling, pattern recognition, image restoration.
The Conference is the tenth of a series dedicated to research on Approximation and Optimization which takes place in the Caribbean. The series was jointly initiated by Humboldt University (Berlin), RWTH (Aachen) and Universidad de La Habana. Previous issues were held in La Habana, Cuba (1987 and 1993), Puebla, México (1995), Caracas, Venezuela (1997), Pointe-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe (1999), Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala (2001), León, Nicaragua (2004), Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (2006), and San Andrés, Colombia (2008).

The conference will consist of contributed talks of thirty minutes each. We intend to have no simultaneous sessions (unless the number of accepted talks exceeds our expectations). There will be work sessions on Monday, March 7, Tuesday, March 8, Thursday, March 10 and Friday, March 11. On Wednesday, March 9, a full day excursion will take place. Detailed information on the excursion will appear in forthcoming announcements.

When ready, the full workshop program will be posted in the workshop site, and will also be included in forthcoming announcements.

The Conference will take place at Hotel Bahia del Sol, a seclude tropical
resort in Costa del Sol, about 60 km from Comalapa International Airport
and the capital city of San Salvador (less than one hour drive from the
airport), nested
between the Pacific Ocean beaches and the Estero de Jaltepeque lagoon. (see

The following special prices are available for participants in the X APPOPT:
· Single room (all included): US$ 79 per night.
· Double room (all included): US$ 59 per person per night.
Room reservations at Hotel Bahia del Sol should be made directly with the hotel, at ventas03@bahiadelsolelsalvador.com with attention to Flor Robredo and mentioning that the reservation is for participants in the X APPOPT. For more information about accommodations visit de workshop site.
For those arriving at El Salvador on March 5 and 6, special transportation from Comalapa International Airport to Bahia del Sol Hotel and other recommended hotels in Costa del Sol region will be provided, at the special rate of US$35.00 per passenger. The same applies for the transfer between Costa del Sol and Comalapa Airport on March 11 and 12.


Those interested in contributing a talk should send an abstract by electronic mail to the addresses xappopt@gmail.com, no later than November 30, 2010.

Acceptation of the contributed talks will be informed no later than December 30, 2010.

Registration fees will be as follows:
· Early registration (until November 30, 2010):
o Central American participants: US$ 35.00
o Other participants: US$ 150.00
· Late registration (after November 30, 2010):
o Central American participants: US$ 50.00
o Other participants: US$ 200.00
In order to register online and check the procedure for payment of the registration fee, please visit the workshop site: http://www.xappopt.wordpress.com


· Martín Guerra, Universidad de El Salvador, San Salvador (megueca@yahoo.com)
· Alfredo Iusem, Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada, Rio de Janeiro (iusp@impa.br)
· Margarita Villagrán, Universidad de San Carlos, Guatemala (margavilla2008@yahoo.com)

· Alfredo Iusem, Instituto de Matematica Pura e Aplicada, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
· Bert Jongen, RWTH University, Aachen, Germany
· Miguel Jimenez, Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, México
· Marcos Raydan, Universidad Simón Bolívar, Caracas, Venezuela
· Ruediguer Schultz, Duisburg Universitat, Germany
· Wilfredo Sosa, Instituto de Matemática y Ciencias Afines, Lima, Perú

· Juergen Guddat, Humboldt Universitat, Berlin, xiGgermany
· Miguel Jimenez, Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, México
· Bert Jongen, RWTH University, Aachen, Germany
· Hans Peters, University of Maastricht, The Netherlands
· Ruediguer Schultz, Duisburg Universitat, Germany


Additional information on the workshop will appear in forthcoming announcements and will be posted in the workshop site: http://www.xappopt.wordpress.com
e-mail address: xappopt@gmail.com
Postal address: Escuela de Matemática, Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Matemática. Universidad de El Salvador. Ciudad Universitaria, Final 25 Av.
Norte, San Salvador, El Salvador, C.A.
Tel: (503) 78 31 40 22
Fax: (503) 22 26 55 08

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