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Evento: '24th IFIP TC7 conference on System Modelling and Optimization'

Call for Papers
Divulgação de "Call for Papers".
Data: Tuesday, March 31, 2009 At 08:00
Contato - Info:

24th IFIP TC7 conference on System Modelling and Optimization

July 27-31, 2009 - Buenos Aires, Argentina

The 24th IFIP TC7 conference <http://www.ifip2009.org/> will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina in July 27-31, 2009. IFIP TC 7 promotes development of computational methods and applications in many fields as Engineering, Transportation, Energy, Economics, etc.
Each biennial conference gathers the TC 7 Working Groups and a wide community of researchers, thus providing a platform for exchanging ideas and results pertaining both to theoretical aspects and to computational experience gained on specific applications.
The main areas addressed by the conference include:
* optimization theory
* algorithms of nonlinear optimization
* discrete optimization
* stochastic optimization
* distributed parameter systems: modeling and optimization
* optimal control of ODEs
* stochastic control and financial mathematics
* structural design
* stability and sensitivity analysis in optimal control
* complex systems

Participants are encouraged to contribute talks on computational aspects of modeling and optimization problems arising in all domains of interest of the IFIP TC 7 Working Groups, such as Aerospace, Biomedicine, Economics, Meteorology, and Public Services. Some of the sessions being organized include:
1) Structural Optimization and Robust Design under Uncertainties G.I.Schueller and H.Jensen
2) Nonlinear and integer programming. S.Leyffer
3) Large Scale Nonlinear Programming. P.Toint
4) Aerospace. A. V. Balakrishnan
5) Recent advances in numerical methods for nonlinear programming. E.Birgin
6) Theory and applications of multicriteria decision models Lidija Zadnik.
7) Stability, Sensitivity and Error Analysis for Optimal Control Problems. Roland Griesse (Chemnitz), Arnd Roesch (Duisburg) Fredi Troeltzsch, Berlin
8)Recent Advances in the Control of PDEs. Irena Lasiecka, John Cagnol and George Avalos
9) Stochastic Control and Mathematical Finance. A. Palczewski and [UTF-8?]Ł. Stettner
10) Recent Advances in the Control of PDEs. George Avalos (UNL), John Cagnol (PULV), Michel Delfour (CRM), Irena Lasiecka (UVA)

Papers will be selected on the basis of 1-2 pages abstracts which should be sent by e-mail to: tc7@ifip2009.org
Due to several requests the deadline for submissions has been extended until March 31, 2009

The journals Computational Optimization and Applications and Applicationes Mathematicae will publish a special issue in connection with the conference.

Also, please note that there is an important discount on event registration fees for members of the latinamerican institutions. Please contact tc7@ifip2009.org for details.

More information about the conference program and location can be found at the website http://www.ifip2009.org/

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