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Evento: '6th International Conference on Computational Management Science (CMS2009)'

Call for Papers
Divulgação de "Call for Papers".
Data: Monday, March 09, 2009 At 08:00
Contato - Info:

6th International Conference on Computational Management Science (CMS2009)

May 1-3, 2009, Geneva, Switzerland
URL: http://www.cms2009.unige.ch/
Organized by the Department of Econometrics, University of Geneva

Main sponsor:
Journal of "Computational Management Science", Springer.


The CMS conference is an annual meeting associated with the journal of Computational Management Science published by Springer. The aim of this conference is to provide a forum for theoreticians and practitioners from academia and industry to exchange knowledge, ideas and results in a broad range of topics relevant to the theory and practice of computational methods, models and empirical analysis for decision making in economics, finance, management, and engineering.

The conference focus is on all computational aspects of management science: theoretical and empirical studies of computational methods, models and empirical analysis for decision making in economics, finance, management, and related aspects of engineering. These include computational statistics; design, analysis and applications of constrained and unconstrained optimisation algorithms, combinatorial optimisation; stochastic models and solution algorithms; dynamic models, dynamic programming and decision trees; global optimisation modelling, learning and forecasting such as neural networks and genetic algorithms; models and tools of knowledge acquisition, such as data mining and data warehousing; and all other topics in management science with the emphasis on computational paradigms.

CMS Best Student Paper Prize will be awarded at the CMS conference. The prize is 500 CHF and the possibility of publication in the journal of Computational Management Science.

Keynote Speakers:
o Aharon Ben-Tal, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
o Werner Römisch, Humboldt University, Berlin
o Jean Bernard Lasserre, LAAS-CNRS Toulouse
o Dietmar Maringer, University of Basel

Co-Chairs: M.Gilli and B. Rustem

International Program Committee:
C. Albanese (UK), H. Amman (NL), M. Bartholomew-Biggs (UK),
J. Beasley (UK), M. Bierlaire (CH), V. Boginski (USA),
C. Charalambous (CY), C. Chiarella (AUS),
N. Christophides (UK), A. Colubi (ES), S-E. Fleten (NO),
C.A. Floudas (USA), P. Foschi (IT), F. Friedler (HU),
C. Gatu (RO), M. Grauer (DE), N. Gulpinar (UK), A. Haurie (CH),
R. Hochreiter (AT), H. Jiang (UK), M. Juillard (FR),
E. Kontoghiorghes (CY), D. Kuhn (UK), H.A. Le Thi (FR),
D. Maringer (CH), I. Marosv (UK), S.H. Martzoukos (CY),
J.M. Mulvey (USA), A. Nagurney (USA), M.A. Osorio (UK),
M. Paolella (CH), P. Pardalos (USA), P. Parpas (UK),
G. Pflug (AT), T. Pham Dinh (FR), M. Pinar (TR),
L. Pitsoulis (GR), J. Polak (UK), L. Porkolab (UK),
N. Sahinidis (USA), S. Scholtes (UK), F. Trojani (CH),
E. Tsang (UK), S. Uryasev (USA), J-P. Vial (CH), H.P.
Williams (UK), P.Winker (DE), G. Zaccour (CA).

Important dates:
Invited session proposals: 09 March 2009
Submission of 1-page abstracts: 16 March 2009
Notification of decision: 20 March 2009
Early registration: 30 March 2009
Paper submission to CMS journal: 31 July 2009

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