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Evento: 'Brazilian Symposium on Bioinformatics 2009'

Call for Papers
Divulgação de "Call for Papers".
Data: Friday, March 20, 2009 At 08:00
Contato - Info:

Brazilian Symposium on Bioinformatics 2009

July 29-31, 2009 - Porto Alegre, Brazil


The Brazilian Symposium on Bioinformatics (BSB) 2009 invites submission of original papers in the area of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. BSB 2009 aims to attract contributions from academic and industrial researchers in computer science, mathematics, statistics, biochemistry, biophysics, genetics, microbiology, and medicine.

Submitted papers will undergo blind peer review. Papers accepted in previous issues of BSB have been published as proceedings volumes in the Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics (LNBI) series from Springer-Verlag, Germany. We are presently negotiating with Springer to have BSB 2009 papers also published in LNBI. As in previous editions, BSB 2009 will accept two kinds of contributions: full papers, with up to 12 pages, and extended abstracts, with at most four pages. Accepted full papers are expected to be orally presented at the conference, while extended abstracts will be presented in the poster sessions. The program committee may accept as extended abstract a paper originally submitted as full. Authors of such submissions may choose to accept this decision and modify their manuscript accordingly, or drop the submission.

The manuscripts should be written in English and start with a cover page containing the title of the work, authors' names, e-mail of the contact author, keywords, a succinct statement of the problem, and the results obtained. A technical exposition directed to specialists should follow, in pages identified only by the title of the article. Detailed formatting instructions can be found in the Springer-Verlag site, under "Information for LNCS Authors", at http://www.springer.com/computer/lncs?SGWID=0-164-7-72376-0.

Deadline for paper submission: March 20, 2009
Notification of acceptance/rejection: April 17, 2009
Deadline for final paper versions: May 15, 2009
Conference: July 29-31, 2009

Complete information on the event can be found in web site http://www.inf.pucrs.br/~bsb2009/.
Questions can be addressed to bsb2009@pucrs.br.

The following names are confirmed in the Program Committee of BSB 2009.

Katia S. Guimarães - UFPE, Brazil
Anna Panchenko - NIH, USA
Teresa M. Przytycka - NIH, USA

Program Committee:
Emil Alexov - Clemson University, USA
Nalvo F. Almeida Jr. - UFMS, Brazil
Ana Lucia C. Bazzan - UFRGS, Brazil
Ana Maria Benko-Iseppon - UFPE, Brazil
Igor Berezovsky - University of Bergen, Norway
Ulisses Braga-Neto - Texas A&M University, USA
Marcelo M. Brigido - UNB, Brazil
Helaine Carrer - USP/Piracicaba, Brazil
Andre C. P. L. F. de Carvalho - USP/Sao Carlos, Brazil
Saikat Chakrabarti - NCBI, NIH, USA
Alberto M. R. Davila - Inst. Oswaldo Cruz, Brazil
Frank Dehne - Carleton University, Canada
Zanoni Dias - UNICAMP, Brazil
Carlos E. Ferreira - USP/Sao Paulo, Brazil
Jessica Fong - NCBI, NIH, USA
Oxana Galzitskaya - Inst. of Protein Science, Russia
Ronaldo F. Hashimoto - USP/Sao Paulo, Brazil
Maricel Kann - UMBC, USA
Carl Kingsford - UMIACS, UMD, USA
Eugene Krissinel - EBI, UK
Ney Lemke - UNESP, Brazil
Thomas Madej - NIH, USA
Wojtek Makalowski - U. Muenster, Germany
Ion Mandoiu - U. of Connecticut, USA
Natalia F. Martins - Embrapa, Brazil
Wellington S. Martins - UFG, Brazil
Jose Carlos M. Mombach - U. Federal de Santa Maria, Brazil
Osmar Norberto-de-Souza - PUC/RS, Brazil
Arlindo Oliveira - INESC, Portugal
Carlos A. B. Pereira - USP/Sao Paulo, Brazil
Ron Y. Pinter - Technion, Israel
Carlos H. I. Ramos - UNICAMP, Brazil
Cenk Sahinalp - Simon Fraser U., Canada
Francisco M. Salzano - UFRGS, Brazil
João Carlos Setubal - Virginia Bioinformatics Inst., USA
Roded Sharan - Tel Aviv University, Israel
Hagit Shatkay - Queen's University, Canada
Benjamin Shoemaker - NIH, USA
Mona Singh - Princeton University, USA
Marcio M. C. P. Souto - UFRN, Brazil
Jurek Tiuryn - University of Warsaw, Poland
Ana Teresa Vasconcelos - LNCC, Brazil
Maria Emilia T. Walter - UNB, Brazil
Alex Zelikovsky - Georgia State U., USA
Jie Zheng - NIH, USA

BSB and EBB 2009 General Coordination and Local Organizing Committee:
Osmar Norberto de Souza - PUC/RS
Duncan D. A. Ruiz - PUC/RS

Ana L. C. Bazzan - UFRGS
Andre C. P. L. F. de Carvalho - USP/Sao Carlos
Katia S. Guimaraes - UFPE
Francisco M. Salzano - UFRGS
Joao Carlos Setubal - VBI, USA
Osmar Norberto de Souza - PUC/RS
Maria Emilia M. T. Walter - Chair - UnB

Elisa Cohen - PUC/RS, Brazil
Danieli Forgiarini - PUC/RS, Brazil
Giselle Funchal - PUC/RS, Brazil
Furia Gargano - PUC/RS, Brazil
Karina dos Santos Machado - PUC/RS, Brazil
Ana Winck - PUC/RS, Brazil

The 4th Brazilian Symposium on Bioinformatics (BSB 2009) will be held in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil, from July 29 through 31, 2009. The event is sponsored by the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC) and will be hosted by the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul (PUC/RS).

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