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Evento: 'SSP - Short Stays Program for PhD or research-oriented MSc. Students from Latin America and the Caribbean'

Call for Participations
Divulgação de "Call for Participation".
Data: Sunday, August 31, 2008 At 08:00
Contato - Info:

Ladir267 - Pasantías para alumnos latinoamericanos de doctorado

Short Stays Program for PhD or research-oriented MSc. Students from Latin America and the Caribbean

2008/2009 Call for Proposals

The Short Stays Program (SSP) from LACCIR has as its main goal to support the completion of PhD and research-oriented MSc. dissertations in Computer Science developed in the Latin American and Caribbean region by partially financing useful research stays in other research centers in the region. In particular, SSP will provide money to cover students’ travel expenses to visit a research center in a different country of her/his university doing relevant research work.

Eligible applicants are Computer Science students registered in a PhD or research-oriented MSc. program at any university in Latin America and the Caribbean (Puerto Rico excluded), having the corresponding thesis project approved at her/his university. Students may be of any nationality and SSP does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, nationality and the like.

The stay should last at least 6 weeks and at most 4 months. The student must be advised by a relevant researcher at the host institution. The research work must be aligned with the applicant’s thesis. As a result of the stay, the student and his/her advisor(s) must write a scientific paper to be presented at an international conference or be submitted to a journal. The host institution may be anywhere in the Latin American and Caribbean region (Puerto Rico excluded), except in the same country of the applicant’s university. Winning applicants will receive money for air ticket(economy class) and/or stay expenses, for a total maximum of US$5,000. The award may only be received once. The winning applicants should purchase a health insurance, which can be covered by the award.

The selection process will take into account:
1. Academic performance of the student in his/her program. (The CV of MSc/PhD students will be compared only with those of other MSc/PhD students.)
2. The viability of the proposed research.
3. Coherence and impact on the Thesis Proposal.
4. Accreditation of the student’s program (if available).
5. Academic quality of the host research center.
6. Involved professors’ commitment.
7. Advance of the student in his/her dissertation. (Students at final stages of their programs will not be considered.)
8. Geographical distribution of the successful applicants.

The winning projects will be selected by LACCIR Technical Committee. Tentatively, there will beThe winning projects will be selected by LACCIR Technical Committee. Tentatively, there will be 11 winning projects for this Call, but the Committee has the right to announce more winning projects than this number, or less than that, or declare the competition void. Its decisions are final. Unselected students may apply the following year if they satisfy the basic requirements.


Applications should include the following documents in English:
a. Filled Application Form
b. Short Curriculum Vitae (max. 5 pages)
c. Title, Abstract and Goals of the Thesis Proposal
d. Title, Abstract and Goals of the project to be done during the stay, indicating how this work relates to the Thesis Proposal (max. 2 pages)
e. Supporting letter from the Thesis Advisor(s)
f. Supporting letter from the hosting researcher(s) Short hosting researcher’s Curriculum Vitae, including most relevant publications in last 5 years (max. 5 pages)
h. Copy of Certificate of Thesis Proposal approval (from relevant School or Department)
i. Copy of Certificate of Ranked position of the student within the set of current students in the Program (from relevant School or Department) (Example: 6/16). In the case that the student’s
institution does not implement rankings, a recommendation letter from a faculty (different of the student’s advisor) must be provided.

Within 30 days after completion of the stay, the awarded student should send a report to LACCIR (max. 4 pages) on the work done. There must also be a letter from the Thesis Advisor. Any publications generated as a result of the stay should acknowledge the grant from LACCIR. The publications must also be informed to the LACCIR Executive Manager. LACCIR will keep a record of these publications and they will be included in the LACCIR publications database.


Relevant Dates

First day for proposal submissions: June 30th
Last day for proposal submissions: August 31st
Notification of Awards: October 31st
Stays to be done any time during: November 15th, 2008 and June 31st, 2009.

Inquiries to: claudia.leiva@laccir.org hub@laccir.org

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