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Evento: 'SEAS 2008 - Fourth Workshop on Software Engineering for Agent-oriented Systems'

Call for Papers
Divulgação de "Call for Papers".
Data: Wednesday, July 09, 2008 At 08:00
Contato - Info:

SEAS 2008 - Fourth Workshop on Software Engineering for Agent-oriented Systems

************DEADLINE EXTENDED************************
CAMERA READY: Jul/23/2008

SEAS 2008 : http://www.les.inf.puc-rio.br/seas2008/index.htm


Developing distributed, large-scale software systems is not a trivial task. As software becomes more complex, new engineering approaches are proposed to deal with this complexity, distributed, asynchronous, decentralized, interaction-centric applications.

Motivated by these software engineering trends, the software agent community has been developing distributed agent societies that flexibly carry out their function in an evolving runtime environment.

However, the agent technology remains a risky software application development approach. There still remains no agreement on internal models of agency, programming languages, development methods, verification and quality management for multi-agent systems (MAS) and killer applications. Furthermore, there is a lack of well established agent development tools.

Therefore, software engineering techniques should be created and successfully used to clearly show that the agent technology can become a foundation to build distributed software systems. In this context, the goal of SEAS 2008 is to bring together researchers and practitioners, involved in the development of techniques and applications, to discuss the impacts of the agent paradigm in the development of these systems.

Topics of Interest

SEAS invites the research community to submit papers in all aspects of software engineering for agent-oriented systems. SEAS 2008 has a special emphasis on the applications of agent technology. The other topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
- Architectures and frameworks for MAS
- Aspect-oriented development for MAS
- Agent-oriented software metrics
- Agent-oriented software quality
- Comparative case studies between agent-oriented development versus other paradigms
- Dependability in MAS
- Empirical and experimental case studies for MAS
- Fault tolerance and exception handling in MAS
- Formal methods for MAS
- Governance and law-enforcement in MAS
- Methods for analyzing and designing MAS
- Model driven development for MAS
- Ontology applied to MAS
- Requirement engineering for MAS
- Reuse approaches for agent-oriented software
- Service oriented computing for MAS
- Test and agent-oriented software analyzes
- Tools and environments for agent-oriented development
- Trust and reputation in MAS
- Verification and validation of agent-oriented software

Format and Submissions

Authors are invited to submit technical, original papers that should not have been published or submitted to other workshops, journals or book chapters. We encourage authors to present novel ideas, critique of existing work, and practical studies and experiments, which states the relationship between software engineering techniques and agent-oriented systems.

Technical papers should be submitted according to the SBC format. The papers should have at least 6 pages and must not exceed 12 A4 paper including all text, references, appendices, and figures. Submitted papers can be written in Portuguese or English, though English being the preferred language. All submissions must be in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) format. Please follow the guidelines established by the Brazilian Computer Society:

URL: www.sbc.org.br
tag: "Eventos"
sub-window (on the left hand side): "Arquivos"
item: "Template para publicação de artigos" (instructions are in English)

Submitted papers will be reviewed based on originality, relevance, technical soundness and presentation. All papers will be reviewed by at least three reviewers. Accepted papers will be published in SBES proceedings.

Organizing Committee
Carlos Lucena (PUC-Rio - Brazil)
Evandro Costa (UFAL - Brazil)
Rodrigo Paes (PUC-Rio - Brazil) Ricardo Choren (IME - Brazil)
Anarosa Brandão (USP-SP - Brazil)
Hyggo Almeida (UFCG - Brazil)

Program Committee
Alberto Sardinha (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
Alessandro Fabricio Garcia (University of Lancaster, UK)
Ana Cristina Bicharra (UFF, Brazil)
Anarosa Brandão (LTI- USP, Brazil)
Arndt von Staa (PUC-Rio, Brazil)
Angelo Perkusich (UFCG, Brazil)
Don Cowan (University of Waterloo, Canada)
Evandro de Barros Costa (UFAL, Brazil)
Jacques Robin (UFPE, Brazil)
Jaime Sichman (USP, Brazil)
Jean-Pierre Briot (LIP6, France)
Jomi Hubner (Universidade de Regional de Blumenau)
Marcelo Blois (PUCRS, Brazil)
Paulo Alencar (University of Waterloo, Canada)
Ricardo Choren (IME, Brazil)
Rosário Girardi (UFMA, Brazil)
Ruy Milidiu (PUC-Rio, Brazil)
Sérgio Crespo (UNISINOS, Brazil)
Toacy de Oliveira (PUCRS, Brazil)
Viviane Silva (UCM, Spain)
Zahia Guessoum (LIP6, France)

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