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Evento: 'IEEE - Palestra on Machine Intelligence'

Eventos COPPE
Palestras, Seminários, etc. da COPPE (exceto PESC).
Data: Thursday, June 26, 2008 At 14:00
Duração: 2 Horas

IEEE - Palestra on Machine Intelligence

O Capítulo de Circuits & Systems e a Seção Rio juntamente com o Laboratório de Computação de Alto Desempenho (NACAD) da COPPE/UFRJ, têm a honra de convidá-lo para a palestra "Machine Intelligence, Computational Theory of Perception and Rough-Fuzzy Computing" a ser proferida pelo Prof. Sankar K. Pal, diretor do Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta, India.

Local: Sala G-122 (Centro de Tecnologia – COPPE/UFRJ – Ilha do Fundão)
Dia: 26/06/2008
Hora: 14:00hs

José Gabriel R. C. Gomes (Presidente do Capítulo CAS)
Glauco Nery Taranto (Presidente da Seção Rio)
Amit Bhaya (Organizador pelo NACAD)

Components of Machine Intelligence and their relation with Computational Theory of Perception (CTP) is explained. The significance of fuzzy-granulation in CTP is stated. The role of rough fuzzy computing in the said framework along with the relevance of integration is explained. Two examples of such integration are described for problems of clustering and generating class prototypes. Here rough sets are used for granular computing using information granules and for uncertainty handling in defining cluster shapes using lower and upper approximation, whereas fuzzy sets are used for linguistic representation and fuzzy granulation, and modeling uncertainty arising from overlapping regions. In effect, rough-fuzzy clustering provides a balanced compromise between restrictive (hard) and descriptive (fuzzy) representations of class belonging for overlapping regions. While the significance of rough-fuzzy case generation is demonstrated for multi-spectral image segmentation in conjunction with EM algorithm and Minimal Spanning Tree, the features and merits of both rough-fuzzy c-means and c-medoids are demonstrated, with quantitative indices, for segmentation of brain MR images and determining bio-bases in encoding protein sequence for analysis respectively. The talk concludes with the possible future uses in data mining and bioinformatics.

Sankar K. Pal is the Director and a Distinguished Scientist of the Indian Statistical Institute. Currently, he is also a J.C. Bose National Fellow of the Government of India. He founded the Machine Intelligence Unit and the Center for Soft Computing Research: A National Facility in the Institute in Calcutta. He received a Ph.D. in Radio Physics and Electronics from the University of Calcutta in 1979, and another Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering along with DIC from Imperial College, University of London in 1982. He worked at the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Maryland, College Park in 1986-87; the NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas in 1990-92 & 1994; and in US Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC in 2004. Since 1997 he has been serving as a Distinguished Visitor of IEEE Computer Society (USA) for the Asia-Pacific Region. Prof. Pal is a Fellow of the IEEE, USA, The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World, Italy, International Association for Pattern Recognition, USA, International Fuzzy Systems Association, USA, and all the four National Academies for Science/Engineering in India. He is a co-author of fourteen books and more than three hundred research publications in the areas of Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Image Processing, Data Mining and Web Intelligence, Soft Computing, Neural Nets, Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy Sets, Rough Sets and Bioinformatics.
Prof. Pal is an Associate Editor of IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (2002-2006), IEEE Trans. Neural Networks (1994-1998, 2003- 2006), Pattern Recognition Letters, Neurocomputing (1995- 2005), Applied Intelligence, Information Sciences, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, Fundamenta Informaticae, Int. J. Computational Intelligence and Applications, LNCS Trans. on Rough Sets, IE Image Processing, and Proc. INSA-A; a Member, Executive Advisory Editorial Board, IEEE Trans. Fuzzy Systems, Int. Journal on Image and Graphics, and Int. Journal of Approximate Reasoning; and a Guest Editor of IEEE Computer.

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