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Evento: 'Palestra: Mobile ad-hoc communication with MobiClique'

Eventos PESC (Palestras, Seminários, etc.)
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Data: Monday, May 19, 2008 At 15:30
Duração: 1 Hora 30 Minutos

O Dr. Christophe Diot, diretor do laboratorio de pesquisa da Thomson em Paris, estara visitando a UFRJ na proxima segunda e terca-feira, dias 19 e 20/5. Ela atua na area de Redes de Computadores e possui trabalhos cientificos em diversos temas.

Como parte de sua visita, ele ira proferir uma palestra no dia 19/5 as 15:30h na sala H-310B sobre um de seus recentes artigos (ver detalhes abaixo). Todos estao convidados a participar. Para despertar as mentes, teremos cafe e biscoitos antes (e depois) da apresentacao.

O Christophe tambem estara disponivel e tem interesse em conversar sobre possiveis topicos de pesquisa para colaboracao. Caso alguem esteja interessado em se reunir com ele (individualmente ou em pequenos grupos), basta enviar uma mensagem para daniel Ratton que agendará um horario na terca, dia 20/5.


Title: Mobile ad-hoc communication with MobiClique

We consider a mobile ad hoc network setting where users' of Bluetooth enabled devices meet and communicate opportunistically as when random people meet in a cafe, or researchers meet at a conference. We focus on the problem of building a community based on prior connections in a human social network as well as shared interests. We leverage existing social networking sites (using Facebook as an example) that make user connections in a virtual world but extend the interface to allow temporary connections based on proximity and compatibility in the physical world.

While our approach has much in common with approaches such as MIT's Serendipity, it is sharply distinguished by three characteristics: the removal of a need for a central server to conduct exchanges, the focuses on the transitive closure of relationships as opposed to dyadic exchanges, and the use of existing social networks to provide a familiar interface as well as a reference point for understanding whether an exchange is desirable.

We present the design of MobiClique, a social interaction oriented communication architecture. MobiClique runs on windows mobile smartphones. We describe first design and implementation issues. We show that we can build on MobiClique to create interesting applications for smartphones, such as social interaction, asynchronous messaging and epidemic newsgroups. These applications are made possible by the shared incentive of belonging to a community. We describe our experience with building ad hoc social networks with more than 30 users at a networking conference. We analyze the system behavior and its performance and discuss them in the perspective of large scale deployment of Pocket Switched Networks.

Christophe Diot is the Lab Director of Thomson's Paris Research Laboratory. He obtained his PhD in Computer Science from the Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (INPG -- FRANCE) in 1991 and his Habilitation in 1996. After teaching for three years at ENSIMAG, Dr. Diot joined INRIA Sophia-Antipolis in 1993, working under Christian Huitema on the design and implementation of time-constrained applications on the Internet. From October 1998 to April 2003, he worked for Sprint Advanced Technology Labs, where he pioneered research on Internet measurement with the now renowned IP Research group at Sprintlabs. In 2003, Diot moved to INTEL Research in Cambridge (UK) where he helped develop the networking research agenda. At Intel, he launched three projects in the area of network monitoring, wireless networking and opportunistic communication.

He joined Thomson in October 2005 to launch and manage the Paris Research Lab. In addition to management and lab organization, Diot's research activities focus on taking a top-down approach to communication services, of which measurement and experimental work are two important methodological components.

Diot is an ACM fellow for his contributions to the measurement and analysis of computer networks.

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