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Evento: 'I2TS'2007 - 6th International Information and Telecommunication Technologies Symposium'

Call for Papers
Divulgação de "Call for Papers".
Data: Sunday, September 23, 2007 At 08:00
Contato - Info:

I2TS'2007 - 6th International Information and Telecommunication Technologies Symposium

Brasília, DF, Brazil, December 12-14, 2007

The International Information and Telecommunication Technologies Symposium (I2TS'2007) to be held at Brasilia City, in the west-center region of Brazil, serves as an international forum for people from academia, industry and research labs, for presenting recent results in information and telecommunication technologies research and applications. I2TS'2007 includes Technical Sessions (full papers, short papers), Tool Session, Lecture Session, Poster Session, Tutorials and short-coursers. Best papers will be invited to submit extended version to IEEE-R9 LatinAmerica and RESI magazines.

Azzedine Boukerche - University of Ottawa - Canada
Antonio Alfredo F. Loureiro - UFMG - Brazil

Alba Cristina Magalhães Alves Melo - UnB - Brazil
Paulo Roberto de Lira Gondim - UnB - Brazil

Abbas, Claudia Barenco - UnB - Brazil
Almulla, Mohammed - Kuwait University - Kuwait
Anquetil, Nicolas Pierre Francois - Catholic University of Brasilia - Brazil
Araujo, Regina Borges - UFSCar - Brazil
Benyoucef, Morad - University of Ottawa - Canada
Bononi, Luciano - University of Bologna - Italy
Boukerche, Azzedine - University of Ottawa - Canada
Brasil, Lourdes Mattos - Catholic University of Brasilia - Brazil
Camargo Jr, João Batista - USP - Brazil
Castro, Julio Cesar Hernández - Universidad Carlos III - Spain
Correa, Pedro Luiz Pizzigatti - USP - Brazil
Dantas, Mario Antônio Ribeiro - UFSC - Brazil
Gondim, Paulo Roberto de Lira - UnB - Brazil
Ferneda, Edilson - Catholic University of Brasilia - Brazil
Fileto, Renato - UFSC - Brazil
Filho, Bartolomeu Uchôa - UFSC - Brazil
Fortes, Renata Pontin M. - USP - Brazil
Frohlich, Antonio Augusto Medeiros - UFSC - Brazil
Greve, Fabíola Gonçalves Pereira - UFBA - Brazil
Guardia, Hélio Crestana - UFSCar - Brazil
Ionescu, Dan - University of Ottwa - Canada
Jardini, José Antonio - USP - Brazil
Karatza, Helen - University of Thessaloniki - Greece
Kurt, Akif - Istanbul University - Turkey
Loureiro, Antônio Alfredo Ferreira - UFMG - Brazil
Martinez, Jeimy José Cano - Uniandes - Colômbia
Mateus, Geraldo Robson - UFMG - Brazil
Mello, Rodrigo Fernandes - USP - Brazil
Melo, Alba Cristina Magalhães Alves - UnB - Brazil
Min, Geyong - University of Bradford - UK
Moreira, Edson dos Santos - USP - Brazil
Narasimhan, Lakshmi - University of Newcastle - Australia
Notare, Mirela Sechi Moretti Annoni - Barddal University - Brazil
Oliveira, Ruy - CEFET-MT - Brazil
Ould-Khaoua, Mohamed M. - University of Glasgow - UK
Paris, Jehan-François - University of Houston - USA
Pfitscher, Gerson Henrique - UnB - Brazil
Pizzolato, Ednaldo Briganti - UFSCar - Brazil
Puttini, Ricardo Staciarini - UnB - Brazil
Ralha, Celia Ghedini - UnB - Brazil
Rocha, Carlos Aurelio Faria da - UFSC - Brazil
Sklavos, Nicolas - Technological Educational Institute of Messolonghi - Greece
Silva, Jorge Sá - DEI/UC - Portugal
Siqueira, Frank Augusto - UFSC - Brazil
Sobral, João Bosco Mangueira - UFSC - Brazil
Souza Jr., Rafael Timóteo - UnB - Brazil
Trevelin, Luis Carlos - UFSCar - Brazil
Villalba, Luis Javier García - Universidad Complutense de Madrid - Spain
Walter, Maria Emilia Machado Telles - UnB - Brazil
Wangham, Michelle - Barddal - Brazil
Weigang, Li - UnB - Brazil
Zomaya, Albert - University of Sydney - Australia

Authors are encouraged to submit both theoretical or practical results of significance.
Demonstration of new tools/applications are welcome.
Relevant topics include, but are not limited to:

- Wireless Sensor Networks
- Mobile Ad Hoc Networks - MANETs
- Wireless Multimedia
- Telecommunication Technology
- Optical Networks and Switching
- Wireless WANs, LANs and PANs (Personal Area Networks)
- Quality of Service
- Mobile wireless network Planning, Management, Control and Monitoring
- Security and Privacy
- Applications and Case Studies

- Real-Time and Multimedia Systems
- Parallel and Distributed Systems
- Distributed and Mobile Computing
- Distributed Algorithms and Architectures
- Distributed Operating Systems
- Distributed Data Management
- Computer Networks
- P2P and Overlay networks
- Quality of Service
- Network Planning, Management, Control and Monitoring
- Security and Privacy
- Applications and Case Studies

- Large Scale Distributed Interactive Simulation
- Ubiquitous Computing (architectures, systems, human-computer interaction, context aware computing)
- Web-Based Systems (architectures, programming models, tools etc)
- Semantic web and ontologies
- Embedded Systems
- Criminal in the Internet and Electronic Justice
- Tools for Computational Forensic
- Collaborative Virtual Environments (synchronization, extensibility, persistency, interoperability, scalability, adaptability, security)
- Applications and Case Studies

Authors of regular papers should submit the papers to JEMS (earlier brazilian EDAS) at https://submissoes.sbc.org.br/i2ts2007.

The papers (full and short) should be submitted in electronic form (PDF only). Full papers should be written in English (or in Portuguese) and should not exceed 8 pages (see 'Instruction for Authors in the web page). For researches in progress, short papers can be submitted and should not exceed 4 pages. The English papers will be published in hard copy; and the full proceedings (with papers in Portuguese) will be published in CD-ROM (both with the same ISBN number).

Authors are encouraged to submit papers describing tools suitable for on-line demonstration. Standard microcomputers will be available for tool sessions. The tool papers (extended abstracts - 2 pages) and poster presentations (as an example, to follow the banner template to be provided in the home page of the event) will undergo a regular review process and will be published in the conference proceedings in a dedicated tool and poster sessions, respectively.

Proposals for one-hour (lectures), half-day (tutorial) and half-day or full-day short-courses are solicited on timely topics related to the above areas. The proposal must include description and biographies.

Deadline submissions - September 23, 2007
Notification - October 31, 2007
Camera Ready - November 15, 2007
Event - December 12-14, 2007

UCB - Catholic University of Brasília
UnB - University of Brasília
UFSC - Federal University of Santa Catarina
BARDDAL - Barddal University

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