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Evento: 'Palestra Prof. Vazirgiannis: "Graph Mining in Social Networks and the Web"'

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Data: Thursday, May 16, 2013 At 13:30
Duração: 2 Horas

Quinta-feira, dia 16/05/2013, às 13:30h, no PESC/COPPE - sala H-324b - teremos a palestra:

"Graph Mining Tools for Community Detection and Evaluation in Social Networks and the Web"

ministrada pelo
Professor Michalis Vazirgiannis, da École Polytechnique de Paris,

A palestra será um resumo do tutorial que ele apresentará no WWW 2013:

Michalis Vazirgiannis gostaria também de discutir oportunidades de colaboração entre o PESC e o dept de informática da Ecole Polytechnique.

Short CV

Dr. Vazirgiannis is a Full Professor in the area of "Databases & Information Systems".He has also been a visiting professor in Deusto Univ (Spain) (2006-2009), and in LIX at Ecole Polytechnique,France where he is teaching the data base course.

He has worked as a researcher in the different places: in the Knowledge & DB Lab (group, N.T.U. Athens), in GMD-IPSI (currently Frauhofer - IPSI), Germany, in Fern-Universitaet Hagen, in project VERSO(later GEMO) in INRIA/Paris, in IBM India Research Laboratory and in Max Planck Instistut fur Informatik (Saarbruecken, Germany) in the group of G. Weikum . M. Vazirgiannis held a Marie Curie Intra-European fellow (2006-2007)in area of "P2P Web Search", hosted by INRIA FUTURS (in GEMO group, headed by S. Abiteboul) in Orsay, Paris.

His current research interests are on
a. Web/Social graphs analysis & evolution monitoring (rank prediction, graph based aggregate metrics for communities evaluation, graph clustering optimization)
b. Computational Advertising (keyword extraction from web pages for adwords campaigns, automated campaign design and monitoring)
c. Web Personalization & (time aware keyword extraction, real time recommendations for small devices)
d. Web Archiving (entity recognition, entity based retrieval)

His industrial experience and expertise lie in the areas of data mining and machine learning for large scale data repositories (i.e. the Web graph, social networks, medical data etc).
He has contributed chapters in books and encyclopedias, published two international books and more than a hundred papers in international refereed journals and conferences. (Full list of Publications) (Publications @ DBLP). He is also co-author of two patents filed in the Greek patent office.

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